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How to get to the Maldives
If you are traveling to the Maldives and thinking about how to get to the Maldives?, then you came to the right place.
Arrival to the Maldives-
All the international flights arrive at Male’s Hulhule airport, which is on an island of its own. Many holidaymakers arrive on chartered flights, but there are other scheduled services with Emirates, Qatar, Air Sri Lanka and Air India.
How to get to the Thulusdhoo island of Maldives?
Located just 30 mins speedboat ride from airport or one and a half hours by ferry ride from the capital island, Male’, Thulusdhoo has become a major tourist attraction point in the last few years.
Known for its world-class Surf Breaks, Thulusdhoo attracts many surfers from all over the world. If you are looking for a more local experience, the ferry, which is available every weekday, will take you to the island within an hour and a half. The ride won’t be long as you take in the scenic view that passes you. Picturesque emerald-green dots sparkling in the blue horizon, make the view all the more unique and breathtaking. The cool winds from the seas, and the calm, deep blue waters will sail smoothly to the island, while you relax on the deck of the Dhoni.
Mode of Transfer Cost (Adult/Child) Schedule
Scheduled Ferry Boat USD 6 (per person per way) Every day except Friday
Scheduled Speed Boat USD 30 (per person per way) Daily
Exclusive Charter Speed Boat USD 200 (per charter trip
(accommodates 8 pax))
On request

* Transfer rates are inclusive of meet and greet at the airport. Ferry Rate includes, ferry ticket from airport to Male’ and taxi fares to Thulusdhoo ferry. As seats are subject to availability please inform us by mail or phone call 3 days on advance of the arrival details so ferry/speedboat bookings could be done. There are two ferry-boat options operating at two different times.

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About Thulusdhoo Island

Canopus Retreats Thulusdhoo is located at the Thulusdhoo island of the Maldives. The island has a long stretch of beach at the edge, a small sandbank type strip of white pristine beach that is sometimes attached to the island during high-tides. During low-tides, guests can walk as far as the eyes can see in the sparkling crystal clear waters. On a bright, sunny day, the lagoon sparkles invitingly. The soft beaches give way for the perfect spot for sunbathing and relaxing.

Locals of the island are friendly and will go out of their way to help you. Early mornings at Thulusdhoo will see women heading out to run errands, some to work, while men do the same. Children run to school, or ride bicycles laughing and racing each other. With the use of vehicles limited on the island, the danger of a road accident is rarely an issue. Island proves to have a safe welcoming home for everyone.

Holidays are extra special on the island. Marking a celebration like Eid, or the end-of-school holidays are heard from afar. Loud, boisterous laughter, and children running straight to the beach, and the adults lounging lazily on the ‘joali’ – a hand-woven lounge chair, made of coir rope – catching up and having a relaxed time. Rainy days too, are no different with children running around splashing in the puddles of water, climbing trees, and enjoying life. The sights are quite different to what you would see in the city, where the child often does not get to enjoy and play around in a free environment.